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Face Mount Glass Balustrade

Step 2: Choose how to hold your glass.

Your next choice is to decide how you are going to hold/support your glass panels. The options available are:

Spigots - See video below

A spigot is installed onto the face of your structure and the glass is then inserted into the spigot and held with friction. There are 2 spigots to choose from including:

  • Square Spigots
  • Glass Vice Spigots

When installing a face mount glass balustrade using spigots you will need to use 1200mm high glass panels.

Standoffs - See video below

Standoffs hold the glass off the face of your structure using a fixing rod. They can be installed onto timber or concrete. Standoffs are available in different diameters and heights.

If using Standoffs, you have the choice of using a Top Mounted or Offset Rail.

When installing a face mount glass balustrade using standoffs you will need to use pre-drilled 1280mm high glass panels.


A Channel can be screwed along the face of the deck and the glass is then glazed into the channel.

Choose from the below options to continue:
Click Here for Spigots
Click Here for Standoffs
Click Here for Channel

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