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Deck Mount Glass Balustrade

Step 2. Choose how to hold your glass

Your next decision to make is how you are going to hold/support your glass panels. The options available are:


A spigot is installed onto your structure and the glass is then inserted into the spigot and held with friction. There are 3 spigots to choose from including:

  • Square Spigots
  • Round Spigots
  • Glass Vice Spigots

Each different spigot can be installed directly to the deck using screws through a base plate or grouted into a core hole.

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A post is installed onto the structure and holds the glass from the sides either using friction glass clamps or is inserted into a slot in the post. There are 3 types of posts to choose from including:

  • Round Posts with Glass Clamps
  • Round Slotted Posts
  • Square Posts with Glass Clamps.

Each post is available as an end, centre or corner. We can also make custom posts should you have an obscure angle or step.

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A Channel can be screwed along the top of the deck and the glass is then glazed into the channel.

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