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Education Centre

DIY Glass Education Centre

As you may have already read here at DIY Glass we believe that knowledge is the key to success. We are not born with knowledge so everything we know we have learnt either from another person or by self education. If you have never installed glass yourself how are you going to know what is available and what components to use together. In our opinion there is no point building a website that simply sells products without providing the relevant information of how, where and why to use products.

How to use this Website - Learn how to get the most out of this website, where best to start for your project.

DIY Glass Balustrading 101 - Learn the basics of Glass Balustrading including handrail positions and options, how you can support your glass, where you can support your glass from, glass sizes and options available.

DIY Glass Pool Fencing Guide 

Toughened Glass Facts - Learn about the process of toughening glass, how it is toughened, why it is toughened, how glass is polished.

Stainless Steel Facts - Learn about Stainless Steel Grades and Finishes. This will help when deciding which products to use for your location.

Core Hole Drilling and Installation

Tips on Stiffening Glass Panels - If you have concerns about your glass pool fences rigidity view our stiffening tips here.

Glass Gate Layout Guide

Base Plate Spigot Installation Guide

Core Hole Spigot Installation Guide

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