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How to Stiffen a Glass Pool Fence or Balustrade

Tips on how to Stiffen a Glass Pool Fence or Balustrade

We often receive calls and emails from people looking for ways to stiffen the glass panels on their pool fence or glass balustrade. They have either been left with a wobbly or miss aligned fence by their installer or are just not confident with the rigidity of their glass panels.

Option 1: Glass Top Rails
Our first recommendation is to install a top rail. A top rail will not only stiffen a glass fence, it will also straighten any misaligned panels. Our most popular top rail is a 25mm wide x 21mm high rail with a 14x14mm slot on the underside. This can be fixed directly to the top of the existing glass using a glazing rubber or glazing silicon. We also have straight joiners, 90 degree joiners, adjustable joiners, wall plates and end caps for this rail. If you can tie your glass together at corners and to any existing structure such as walls or posts, you will achieve the best results.

Option 2: Glass Brace Brackets
Our second suggestion, should you not wish to install a top rail, is to use our glass brace brackets. These will join existing glass panels together. As they are friction fit, there is no need for holes in the glass panels. Although not as effective as a top rail, the use of glass brace brackets can also help with the alignment of glass panels. The only catch with our glass brace brackets is that the gaps in the glass must meet the fitting requirements. We have small and large glass to glass in a straight line joiners, glass to glass 90 degree joiners, glass to glass adjustable angle and glass to wall options available. As with a top rail, it is important to join glass at corners and to existing structures for best results.

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