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Deck Mount Glass Balustrade
Using Spigots With Top Mount Rail

Step 4. You're almost there

Now comes the fun part of choosing the shape of spigots, handrail profile and doing the calculations for the glass panels required.

Stainless Spigots

There are 3 spigot profiles available Square, Round and Glass Vice. Each spigot has 2 installation options. One for a timber substrate and another for masonry. Each spigot will hold glass 60mm off the ground and has been designed to not only be aesthetically appealing but with strength and safety in mind.

You will need to use 2 spigots for each glass panel between 300mm and 1650mm and 3 spigots for panels between 1700 and 1800mm.

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970mm High Glass Panels

The glass panels that you need to use for a Deck Mount Balustrade using Spigots with a Top Mount Rail are 970mm high. The Spigots will hold your glass 60mm off the ground so the height excluding the top rail will be 1030mm. The panels are all 12mm thick, toughened and heat soaked glass with polished edges. Our standard panel sizes range from 300 to 1800mm wide in increments of 50mm.

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Stainless Steel Handrails

There are 5 handrail profiles to choose from including 25x21mm Rectangle, 50x30mm Rectangle, 4x30mm Rectangle,25mm Round, 38mm Round. The handrail tube is available in 2900mm and 5800mm lengths. There are also a range of fittings for each profile including straight joiners, 90 degree joiners, adjustable joiner, end caps and wall plates. All handrail tube and fittings are made from high quality 316 marine grade stainless and are available in both mirror and satin finish.

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Measurements and Layout Drawings

If you haven't already done so now would be a good time to take some measurements and do a layout drawing. It is important to indicate any existing posts, walls, steps as these will all influence your requirements.

You will first need to do the calculations for the panel sizes. Once you have determined these you will need to double the number of panels to calculate the number of spigots required. You will also need to calculate the lengths of top rail tube and rail connectors.

If you are having trouble working out your sizes and quantities please email sales@diyglass.com.au detailing your requirements (a drawing is appreciated) as well as your postcode and we will email back a quote for you.

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