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Deck Mount Glass Balustrade
Using Spigots

Step 3. Choose your handrail position

Your next choice to make is where your handrail is going to sit in relation to the top of the glass. Before you ask if you really need a top/offset rail you need to remember the requirements you read about in Step 1.

If the fall from the floor you are standing on to the ground below is over 1000mm then yes you do. If the fall is under 1000mm then it is entirely up to you if you install a top rail. You can install the handrail directly to the top of the glass (Top Mount) or you can install it off the front of the glass (Offset):

Top Mount Rails

The tube has a slot on the underside that sits over the top of the glass. It can be stuck directly to the glass using a glazing silicon or glazing rubber.

Profiles available are:

  • 25x21mm Rectangle
  • 40x30mm Rectangle
  • 54x30mm Rectangle
  • 25mm Round
  • 38mm Round

Benefits of a Top Mount Rail:

  • No Holes in glass required
  • No additional brackets required
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Offset Rails

The handrail is supported off the front face of the glass using a rail connector or offset bracket. The rail connector or offset bracket is fixed to the glass through a pre-drilled 20mm diameter hole.

Profiles available are:

  • 50x10mm Rectangle
  • 50x25mm Rectangle
  • 38mm Round

Note that only the 50x10 Rectangle rail can be connected using a rail connector.

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