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Glass Pool Fence Top Rails

Select Your Pool Fence Top Rail

We stock 5 different profiles of top mount handrails.

Although not a legal requirement, some people choose to install a top rail on their pool fence. A top rail with brace your fence together, straighten misaligned panels and reduce gate closing stress.

Profiles available:

Each profile has a slot along the bottom that sits over the glass.

The tube is available in 5800mm lengths. There are a range of fittings available for each profile including, end caps, 90 degree joiners, straight joiners and wall plates. In our more popular profiles (25x21mm, 40x30mm, 25mm Round) we also have adjustable horizontal and vertical joiners available.

The tube can be installed onto the glass using a glazing rubber or glazing silicon.

All rails can be welded, glued or riveted together.

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