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DIY Glass Pool Fencing

DIY Glass Pool Fencing

The pool fence that you choose can either make or break the look of your pool in your backyard. Nowadays, pools are not cheap to install, so why compromise on its overall look by installing a cheap fence? In most states of Australia, a pool is only usable for four to five months of the year and so it shouldn't be a backyard eyesore for the other seven months!

A Glass Pool Fence is easier to install and more affordable then you might think. We often get calls from people who would like to use glass for their pool fence but think it's out of their budget. In the past, glass was an expensive option, however, with the large range of standard size panels that are now available, the price has come down. We have over 40 different size panels including pre-drilled gates and hinge panels available "off the shelf". These panels are all 1200mm high and range in width from 200mm to 2000mm in 50mm increments. If you can stick to these panels the price is almost one third of custom cut sizes for glass. By using different size panels and adjusting the spacing between the panels, it's easy to do this.  

With some simple planning a glass pool fence will not only be a cost effective solution it will also add the quality finish that only comes by using glass. 

So what is required to install a pool fence?

  • Glass Panels
  • 1 or more Gates 
  • Hinges and a latch for your gate
  • Something to hold the glass off the ground and support it.
    • Spigots
    • Posts
  • Possibly a way to brace your panels together
    • Top Rail
    • Glass Brace Brackets

We have all of your requirements covered.

Glass Panels - We have over 40 different sizes ranging in width from 200mm to 2000mm that are all 1200mm high and 12mm thick thoughened glass.

Gates - We have 3 standard size pre-drilled gates available ranging in width from 750mm to 890mm.

Hinge Panels - We have 8 pre-drilled hinge panels ranging in width from 1000mm to 1800mm. A hinge panel is required when swinging a glass gate off a glass panel. A hinge panel has pre-drilled holes to fix the hinges to.

Latches - We have 7 latches available. These include Glass Gate to Glass Panel (straight line, 90 degree internal and external corners), Glass Gate to a Wall/Square Post and Glass Gate to a Round Post.

Hinges - We have 4 hinges available. There include Glass Gate to Glass Panel , Glass Gate  to Wall/Square Post and Glass Gate to Round Post

Spigots - We have 3 profiles of post available all of which can be top fixed or core hole installed.

Posts - We have 3 profiles of post available all of which can be top fixed or core hole installed.

Top Rails - We have 5 profiles to top rails available suitable for use on a glass pool fence.

Glass Brace Brackets - We have 5 glass bracing clamps available. Including clamps to brace from glass to glass and glass to a wall/post.

Things to consider when designing your pool fence:

Legal Requirements - It is critically important to research and understand the pool fence regulations in your local area. You may wish to contact your local council before installing your pool fence to check your design will comply.

Layout - In most cases you will be drilling into your paving. Once installed it is often difficult to move a fence, so it's important to consider things like how much room do you need inside the fence to easily move around the pool? Would you like to have seating within the pool area?

Gate position - In our opinion this is critically important. You need to consider how many gates you require? Where will you enter and exit the pool? Where will you spend time after you have left the pool? For example if you have an outdoor shower on the outside of the gate at one end of the pool then you will probably need a gate to exit the pool area close by.

Fixing Method - At this stage you need to think about how you will be supporting your glass in the ground. The options include using spigots to support the glass from underneath or by using posts with either glass clamps or slotted tube. 

Click Here to view our Frameless Pool Fence Installation Guide.

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